Among God's people there is a growing interest in Biblical Prophecy. This interest is centered around events that are happening in the areas where the Bible has a prophetic focus, such as:

Israel and the relationship with it's neighbors
the middle east in general
the rapid move toward economic globalization through the pursuit  to establish a one world currency and government
increase in the severity and number of natural and man made disasters
the dramatic increase of apostasy and spiritual deception within the professing Christian church,
increase of Christian persecution,
the increase of anti-Biblical laws
increase in societal behaviors such as violence and homosexuality,

A well known iconic SBC pastor is on record for discouraging the study of Biblical prophecy by saying that Jesus discourage the study of prophecy about his second coming.[2] A popular radio talk show apologist has said on several occasions during his talk show, "There are no more Biblical signs to be fulfilled" "...there has always been times of debauchery such as we are see today".[4] Others are saying that prophecy is obscure and no one can be sure as to its fulfillment still others have relegated prophecy as irrelevant and do not even teach it to their congrgation. While some have sensationalize every news event claiming its the fulfillment of prophetic scripture.

Such attitudes have hindered the correct understanding of believers and have played a role in causing the teaching of Biblical prophecy to be undeveloped in local churches. It has also enabled many false sects and cults to exploit the prophetic word for the purpose of forwarding their own peculiar views and tenets. It also puts the church in danger of being deceived, by incorrect eschatological views regarding the end times. Some of the eschatology (our view of the end times) systems such as ‘Replacement Theology’ and Preterism is null and void of any reference to the world we live in today, and the end-time scripture references to the nation of Israel’s return to the land and the subsequent future Tribulation . This deception is intensified as the church age approaches it's end.

Do the scriptures support such and attitude toward prophecy? Based on the following it would be impossible to justify such an attitude. Scripture is approximately 27%-30% prophecy. According to 'Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy', the late Professor J. Barton Payne stated that, "the Bible contains 1,817 prophecies which encompasses 8,352 predictive verses.”

All fulfilled prophetic events had foreshadowing events that where directly tied to their ultimate fulfillment. This will be true of future prophecies that will also have fore shadowing events leading to their fulfillment. A Biblical world view in the following categories will help the believer obey the commands to be alert and sober (Matt 22:42-44; 1Thess 5:4-6) as world events unfold, resulting in a consummation of prophetic fulfillment.

There will be and some believe now are Christian believers that will be living upon the earth that will be the final group to experience the events of history prior to Christ’s second coming. For these believers, the attitude of those who do not consider prophecy an essential part of Bible study will no doubt not think to highly of those who maintain such a position. It is time we get real as to what is happening in the world today as it relates to the prophetic scriptures. Today’s global events are pushing the world toward specific scriptural prophetic conclusions. This alone should give pause and cause one to revisit their eschatology position to ensure their interpretation is aligning up with the reality of what is occurring in the world.

Does God provide signs as to where we are on his prophetic time table or has he left it up to the believer to guess? Is there biblical instruction given to the believer to be aware of prophetic signs? Are there Biblical examples where a person has used the prophetic scripture to ascertain where they where on God's prophetic agenda and oriented their actions according?. The answer to these questions are a simple yes. (Dan 9:2; Matt 24:3-4) The Bible is replete with signs indicating where we are on God's prophetic calendar and the command to watch out for them.

[2]Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life, op. cit., p. 285

[4] Hank Henegraff of The Bible Answer Man Show said the following in response to the question,

Caller - "do you feel any events in prophecy will happen prior to Christ's return?

Hank - "well not Biblical prophecy...we simply don't have any indication in scripture, no sign to look forward to"..." click below to listen